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Terminal Award: The Poor House Project by Angela Watters

Angela Watters - Terminal


launch The Poor House Project

Terminal and the Center of Excellence in the Creative Arts at Austin Peay State University are pleased to announce the launch of The Poor House Project by Angela Watters. Watters is a recipient of a 2012 – 2013 Terminal Award. The Terminal Award is granted annually to four artists to help in the creation of new internet based artworks.


The Poor House is a participatory art project organized by artist, Angela Watters.  Currently, the project is accepting submissions of student loan debt numbers from arts graduates. In the coming months personal invitations will be sent to well-known artists requesting a donation of a small work of art to decorate the interior of the gallery like interior of a $5 flea market dollhouse, or the Poor House, which will be transformed into a sculpture offered to collectors at the amount of collected student loan debt. The Poor House Project website compares debt collected with realized prices of paintings sold at auction. As the debt totals rise, the featured painting on the home page will change to a painting sold for a comparable amount.

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