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Morgan Higby-Flowers, February 18 – March 1, 2013

Morgan Higby-Flowers - Terminal



Morgan Higby-Flowers is an American artist based currently in Clarksville,Tennessee. He
received an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University in 2011 and a BFA in
New Media Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2008. Morgan has
participated in multiple exhibitions including GLI.TC/H in Chicago and The Bent Festival
in Brooklyn NY. He recently performed live in the parking garage of the Museum Of
Contemporary Art for The Dirty New Media Round Robbin in Chicago, Illinois. He is
currently a visiting assistant professor of New Media Art at Austin Peay State University
in Clarksville,TN.



My interests circulate around particular areas of the New Media Art spectrum,
specifically, work that incorporates discarded technologies. My aesthetic sensibility
tends to pursue encounters with wonderment, combining visual representations with new

I use obsolete technology to create “no-input” systems that produce their own inherent
visual and audial elements. Antiquated AV equipment is devalued in our society where
“newer is better.” An item that was priced at ten thousand dollars in 1983 is perceived as
trash in 2013. Analog technology is inherently more malleable than digital. In my work,
antiquated machines create new and informed back leaps forward.

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