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Terminal Award: reMIXmyRELIGION by Curt Cloninger


Terminal and the Center of Excellence in the Creative Arts at Austin Peay State University are pleased to announce the launch of reMIXmyRELIGION by Curt Cloninger. Cloninger is a recipient of a 2014 – 2015 Terminal Award. The Terminal Award is granted annually to aid in the creation of new internet based artworks.

Cloninger’s Project Statement

playdamage.org is a multimedia journal I have kept since 2000. Each piece links to the next piece, in reverse chronological order.

For the TERMINAL award, I created the most recent playdamage page, #107.


The audio excerpt is from “I Feel Love” by Giorgio Moroder + Donna Summer. Moroder is playing a Moog synthesizer. The photos of the room and the drumset are by the Texas outsider musician Jandek. They are the cover images of seven of his albums. The text is from a conversation between Jerry Lee Lewis and his producer Sam Phillips. They are arguing about whether or not God can use rock & roll. The screeshots of the text are from a digitized VHS copy of Dan Graham’s video _Rock My Religion_, an art documentary about the relationship between American religion and American rock & roll. The face is my face, weeping, listening to Nirvana in my headphones. My face is aleatorically animated.