Josh Gumiela, October 21 – November 1, 2013

Josh Gumiela Terminal


Josh Gumiela is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Austin Peay State University. His work often combines low and high technology with natural elements to create immersive interactive media installations and environments. He’s interested in themes of postmemory, diaspora, and displacement as well as matters of time and timelessness, privacy, open source culture, and the deconstruction/repurposing of archaic, discarded, and ubiquitous technology.


Anticipating Yesterday
Sound and water installation, 2013 (documentation)

Water slowly drips from a dilapidated ceiling and falls into a worn metal pan. The sound of each droplet hitting the pan is scattered into rhythmic echoes of the initial event. As more and more droplets are collected–no two events sound exactly alike–the sound gradually crescendos to a cacophonous cadence representing the inexorable march of decay and the human wish to ‘go back and do it again.’

The installation resets itself every few minutes, setting the stage for a new cycle that is always different from the one before. The sound is controlled by an MSP patch that recalls the sounds of the prior droplets and disrupts the rhythm each time a new drop hits the pan. Four speakers positioned in the room envelop the beholder in spatialized sound.




DeleopolisVideo and programming, 2013

Deleopolis is a video installation that explores the decay and detritus of architecture and urban infrastructure.






Video and programming, 2013


Entomogoria uses abstract images of insects to playfully discover the precarious space that exists between fear and euphoria of the natural and increasingly technological world.