Call For Proposals : 2013 – 2014 Terminal Awards

During the 2013 – 2014 academic year, Terminal will award four – $500 stipends to assist in the creation of new internet based art works.

The submission deadline is February 1, 2013
Submissions are open to anyone.

Terminal can provide webspace for completed projects, or the artists may elect to host the project themselves (with Terminal retaining a copy for archiving). We simply ask that Terminal be acknowledged with a link from the project and in all press resulting from the project.

In an e-mail to: include
1. Artist or Artists full name
2. Address
3. E-mail address
4. Short bio ( 100 words max )
5. Links to on-line projects ( 5 urls max )
6. Proposed project title and description ( 500 words max )
7. Documentation that supports the proposal (images, diagrams, prototypes, etc)

Please submit your proposal as a single pdf attached to the email.


The juror for this year’s Terminal Awards is Greg J. Smith.


Greg J. Smith is a Toronto-based designer and researcher with interests in media theory and digital culture. Extending from a background in architecture, his research considers how contemporary information paradigms affect representational and spatial systems. Greg is the Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming digital arts magazine HOLO, a regular contributor at Creative Applications Network and a designer at Mission Specialist. Greg has presented work internationally at institutions including Resonate (Belgrade), Eyeo Festival (Minneapolis), Medialab-Prado (Madrid) and the Western Front (Vancouver) and he is an adjunct instructor in the CCIT program (U of T Mississauga/Sheridan College).