From Here by Joel Swanson and Ben Jacobson

From Here - Terminal

From Here is a networked art project that explores adjectival nouns of place. Language is a mutable system that only works when people agree to its conventions, but there are certain areas where these conventions break down, and that is where language gets interesting. Specifically, for certain locations and locales, there is disagreement regarding adjectival nouns, or how someone refers to themselves as “from that place.” So go ahead, add your vote, and see how it stocks up against the conventions of language.

Joel Swanson is an artist and writer who is currently the Director of the Technology, Arts & Media Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He teaches courses on digital art, media theory, and the history of design. He received his MFA in digital art at the University of California, San Diego. His art work is motivated by literary theory and exists as a series of installations, both real and virtual, that explore the nature of language and its embodiment.

Ben Jacobson interned as a PM at Microsoft for the Office UX Team. He co-founded Y Combinator funded Apigy Inc and developed Agile Tools at Rally Software. He majored in Computer Science at the University of Colorado and has taught there in the Technology, Arts, and Media Program. He is currently an engineer at LinkSmart