Cahoots: Artist Collaborations on the Web

Cahoots - Terminal

curated by
Barry Jones

Work by:

Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
Sylvain Barra, Benoit Blein & Laurent Padiou
Heather & Ivan Morison
New Paradise Laboratories

The web, it seems, is an ideal place for collaboration. Web 2.0 has encouraged us all to comment, consume, and collaborate with our culture. It only make sense that in the last 15 years artist who have moved to internet to make their work should embrace collaboration and in some cases, identify themselves as a group rather than individuals.

The exhibition showcases a wide variety of works thematically. It includes work by / internet art luminaries like and Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries and a theater / web piece by a large production company, New Paradise Laboratories, among others. The common ground that all of these works share is that they were created by groups and that they debunk the long held myth of the solitary “tortured” artist. After all, the web is now a “social” place.

some of the work contains adult language.


Jodi – – 2009

JODI - Terminal



Jodi, or, is a collective of two internet artists: Joan Heemskerk (born 1968 in Kaatsheuvel, the Netherlands) and Dirk Paesmans (born 1965 in Brussels, Belgium). Their background is in photography and video art; since the mid-1990s they started to create original artworks for the World Wide Web.

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Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries – Artist’s Statement No. 45,730,944: The Perfect Artistic Web Site

Young-Hae Change Heavy Industries - Terminal


“We combine text with jazz to create Flash pieces. It’s a simple technique that shuns interactivity, graphics, photos, illustrations, banners, colors, and all but the Monaco font, and at the same time cuts across the lines separating digital animation, motion graphics, experimental video, i-movies, and e-poetry. To us, though, it’s Web art.”

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Sylvain Barra, Benoit Blein & Laurent Padiou – Sharing the Uncertainty, 2007

Sharing the Uncertainty - Terminal


Experience an interactive film.
No need to click. Bring together the images on the screen.
The relationships and the separations of the four characters from three different generations depend on you.
Get involved and share the uncertainty.

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Heather & Ivan Morison – Global Survey Radio Station

Global Survey Radio Station - Terminal


Global Survey Radio Station broadcasts conversations, stories and borrowed material from around the world, collected by the artists Heather & Ivan Morison. During 2003 Heather & Ivan were commissioned by an organisation called Vivid to undertake a modern day expedition, the aim of which was to survey previously uncharted lives and to record and broadcast its findings. As well as archiving those findings from the original commission, Global Survey Radio Station continues to broadcast new sound works collected by Heather & Ivan from their continued research around the world.

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New Paradise Laboratories – Fatebook

Fatebook - Terminal


A performance theatre work presented by the 2009 Philadelphia Live Arts Festival. The performance is live, both in cyberspace and in real-space. The audience attends in both places.

Follow thirteen 20-somethings through the trials and tribulations of modern life—with a difference. First, the characters live in cyberspace. Their lives intersect with each other and with audience members through a variety of social media networks. Then in September, in a real space performance, it all careens toward a momentous night—the FATEBOOK party—where time stops, computers crash, and it’s now or never. And the ghost and the body part ways. And all bets are off. And nobody can say what’s real. And relief is in sight. And all matter collapses in on itself in a punishing gravitational catastrophe. And the lights go out for good. And it all gets really, really real…

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